This year’s NCLR ALMA Awards, which broadcasted live on MSNBC and re-aired on mun2, not only highlighted the very best American Latino contributions to music, television, and film, but it celebrated our collective commitment to community and cause. Honorees this year were lauded for their talent in American entertainment but most of all for their tireless efforts to open doors, support others, and make a difference. I invite you to explore and our various social media channels for highlights of the show and heart-warming stories about how those individuals recognized in this year’s show have used their celebrity power for good and are paving the way for new generations of actors, musicians, writers, and others who are right behind them.


Since 1995, the NCLR ALMA Awards has honored outstanding Latino artistic achievements in television, film, and music. The show is an integral part of NCLR’s mission to create greater opportunities for Hispanic families in the United States. As a national prime-time television special with a cause, the NCLR ALMA Awards demonstrates how inclusion strengthens the entertainment industry and diversity strengthens our country by promoting fair, accurate, and representative portrayals of Latinos.


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Janet Murguía
NCLR President and CEO