Bigger. Better. More ALMA than ever before.

Posted March 12, 2012 by Jessica Mayorga

Last Tuesday night, a clock started ticking on the ALMA Awards website counting down the days, hours, and minutes leading up to the 2012 NCLR ALMA Awards on NBC.  The show is back, and on Friday, September 21, it will deliver another star-studded lineup of your favorite Latino entertainers.  It’s never too early to start planning for the event of the year.  There’s no better way to kick off Hispanic Heritage Month than through this exciting celebration of Latino contributions to American media arts.  It’s the only time on English-language, prime time, network television when we can all tune in to celebrate our Latino film, TV, and music trailblazers.
Did you know that groups throughout the country gather for creative and fun-filled ALMA watch parties?  Keep an eye on the ALMA website this summer when the official watch party kit becomes available.  This free and thorough kit contains everything from invitations you can print out to recipes for ALMAritas and ALMAtinis, not to mention great show-inspired food courtesy of our friends at PepsiCo.
While watch parties are legendary, we are proud of the great discussions that spring from the ALMA Awards broadcast.  On college campuses throughout the country, students gather to watch the broadcast and use the free conversation guide on the ALMA website.  While ALMA is a blast to watch, it also promotes a message that we need to share with others—whether they are Latino or not.  The discussions we hope to spark serve to educate our peers about what our gente contribute in every aspect of entertainment.
How will you celebrate the 2012 NCLR ALMA Awards?  Let us know here.  If you’re one of the first to share your plans with us, there’s a prize in it for you! Tune in on September 21 and every day on the ALMA website, Facebook, and Twitter pages.  And start thinking about your ALMA gathering.  We look forward to hearing from you soon!

ALMA: Beyond the Big Screen

Posted March 1, 2012 by Samantha Ferm
The spirit of ALMA, while originating in the entertainment world, goes beyond the big screen and the Top 40 countdown on the radio.  While we honor, respect, and admire the hard work of the individuals who have carved a path in television, film, and music, we also love seeing the ALMA mission manifested in other arenas, like food.
For example, check out the strong ALMA spirit of these Latina chefs who are making major inroads on television, bringing the flavor and variety of Latin cooking to the world while at the same time making it more accessible and familiar.  Ingrid Hoffman of the Cooking Channel’s “Simply Delicioso” and “Delicioso” on Univision, Evette Rios from “The Chew” on ABC, and Marcela Valladolid on the Food Network have all brought the ALMA of Latino culture and heritage to a much wider audience—and that audience is responding as Latin flavors grow in popularity, not only on TV but in cooking schools throughout the nation.  We love seeing these talented Latinas on TV increase cultural awareness in their own “foodie” industry!
So now we ask you: are you an ALMA star in your own kitchen?  Who do you think of as an ALMA star, whatever the industry?  We’d love to know!
And don’t forget, follow the new @ALMAawards Twitter handle for up-to-the-minute news and updates.

ALMA and the Oscars

Posted February 28, 2012 by Samantha Ferm

Thanks to everyone who has followed our brand-new ALMA Awards Twitter handle, @ALMAawards, and who joined our Sunday chat with the hashtag #ALMAandOscar.  Now that we’re finally coming back down to earth after that Oscars adrenaline rush, let’s review the highlights, starting with Nina Garcia who held down red carpet coverage with her partner in crime from Project Runway, Tim Gunn.  The Colombian queen of fashion didn’t miss a single sartorial detail in the parade of tuxedos and gowns that came her way!
Several of our favorite Latinas rocked the red carpet as well as the stage, including Penelope Cruz, Berenice Bejo, Jennifer Lopez, and Cameron Diaz.  Lopez and Diaz hammed it up on stage as they struck a sassy pose while announcing winners—a refreshing break from the show’s usual formality—while Sheila E. played drums as part of the house band.  We love Latinas who rock like these ladies do, on or off the stage!
Another highlight was the montage of celebrity mothers which played at the top of the show.  It demonstrated the importance of family and was a touching glimpse of the journeys of well-known film stars as they strove to succeed in the entertainment industry.  ALMA Awards nominee and Oscar nominee for best lead actor Demián Bichir brought his mother to the show and walked her through the red carpet ceremony, a sweet reminder of the importance of his familia in his own personal success (though we’re still drying our tears at Bichir’s loss of the Oscar to French star Jean Dujardin, who won for his role in the lovely film, The Artist).
One of the most genuine moments of the program came from Esperanza Spalding as she sang a glorious rendition of “What a Wonderful World” for the “In Memoriam” tribute.  The touching program honored individuals, including Whitney Houston, throughout the entertainment industry for their lifelong contributions.
All in all, the 2012 Academy Awards® were compelling, memorable, and at times extremely witty with thoughtful tributes to family, history, and a lighthearted appreciation of the talent in the theater.  What did you think of the show?  Let us know on our Facebook or Tweet to us with the hashtag #ALMAandOscar!

So Much to Embrace and Celebrate

Posted February 20, 2012 by Jessica Mayorga

As our Dominicanos like Zoë Saldana, Judy Reyes, and Tristan Wilds prepare to celebrate their heritage and their island’s independence day later this month, we thought it a great opportunity to pay tribute to the diversity of our Latino entertainers. The spectrum of Hispanic artists is amazing and reflects the beauty of our diverse roots.
Our combination of Native, European, African, and Asian roots (whether you trace your tree back to one or, in my case, all four of these groups), makes it impossible to describe what a Latino or Latina looks like. Just look at our Dominican artists to see the rich variety of influences and heritages that came together on the island of Hispaniola. All throughout the Americas we experience this great potpourri, sancocho or salsa.
Our friends at Latina magazine recently identified dozens of artists who most people don’t typically recognize as Latino, but they are! Don’t fall into the trap of letting someone’s surname, hair color, or accent lead you to make assumptions about them. And when you scroll through lists of past ALMA nominees and awardees, there might be a name or two that jumps out at you—people who you didn’t realize were Latino.
We’re from all over, we come in every hue, and we bring together a great array of cultures that we should be proud of.
So, as we celebrate the achievements of our Dominican American Latinos, we also celebrate what makes us such a dynamic group in this country.

The GRAMMYs and Remembering Whitney

Posted February 14, 2012 by Vanessa A. Alvarez and Samantha Ferm

This past week left the music industry reeling from the news of the untimely passing of music legend Whitney Houston as she and the music world prepared for the Recording Academy’s 54th GRAMMY Awards.
Houston carved her own path in music and film, and did so with class and flair; the loss of such extraordinary talent will continue to be felt in Hollywood and beyond.  Houston led the way for up-and-coming talent and her legacy will continue to live on in the hearts of so many young stars.  With a touching tribute and rendition of “I Will Always Love You” by Jennifer Hudson, the entire nation gathered to celebrate the life and music of the one and only Whitney Houston.
While Adele swept the show with six GRAMMYs, pop singer and ALMA Award nominee Bruno Mars wowed the audience with not only a fantastic performance of “Runaway” but a total of six nominations, followed by ALMA Award winner and The Voice presenter Christina Aguilera, with two nods.
Congrats to all nominees and awardees, and our thoughts go out to the family and friends of the one and only Whitney Houston.


Posted January 23, 2012 by Jessica Mayorga

The current awards-show season is a great opportunity to follow our ALMA celebs, their wins, their speeches, and their fashion. This month, between the People’s Choice Awards and the Golden Globes, we’ve had a lot to talk about!
Past ALMA awardees and nominees made quite a splash at last week’s Golden Globes. From the tongue twister delivered by Antonio Banderas in Spanish as he shared the stage with Salma Hayek to the bilingual acceptance speech led by Sofia Vergara and her Modern Family producer, it was apparent that Latino entertainers owned the spotlight and proudly embraced the cultural diversity that they bring to the table.
Beyond gracing the stage, Latino entertainers made their mark on the red carpet in high fashion. Sofia Vergara led the way in midnight blue Vera Wang. Gucci was the couture house of choice for many of our stars, draping Salma, Jessica Alba, and Berenice Bejo in standout originals.
The Golden Globes this year, perhaps more than ever before, embraced our Latino talent and demonstrated that they are just as much part of the fabric of American entertainment as their non-Hispanic co-stars. This underscores the spirit of ALMA, showing how diversity strengthens our country and how inclusion strengthens the entertainment industry.
Keep your feedback coming! Tell us what you want to read and write about. Stop by our Facebook page or tweet your thoughts…we read everything you send us and we’re eager to hear from you to make ALMA stronger every day.

ALMA Goes Academy

posted by: Samantha Ferm – January 23, 2012

Last week was a big week in the entertainment world: Academy Awards Nominations Announcement Week!
Along with everyone else, we were also eager to see whose acting skills garnered those much-desired nominations and were thrilled to see 2011 ALMA Awards nominee Demián Bichir be recognized for his touching portrayal of an undocumented father raising his son in East LA in the film A Better Life. Big congratulations to Mr. Bichir, and the best of luck at this year’s Academy Awards! If you recall, A Better Life won the “Favorite Movie” category at the 2011 NCLR ALMA Awards, and is truly a poignant story. Make sure to rent it if you haven’t done so yet, and support Mr. Bichir in his outstanding nomination!
Puss in Boots, with ALMA Awards winners Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek, is also up for the “Animated Feature Film” Academy Award. Congrats to them and the entire team behind Puss in Boots. We wish them the best of luck.
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Bruno, Demi, and American Idol – Big Winners!

 Posted January 17, 2012 by Kathleen LaTorre

If you’re an awards show fan, you probably know the 38th annual People’s Choice Awards was held in the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles this past Wednesday, and everyone’s favorite musicians, TV stars, and movie stars came out to compete for the coveted title of “People’s Choice.”
We are very proud of all the winners that night—most notably our own past ALMA nominees and recipients!
Bruno Mars, who won Favorite Male Artist, was nominated in the Favorite Male Music Artist category at the 2011 ALMA Awards.
Demi Lovato took home the Favorite Pop Artist People’s Choice award, which she has added to her collection of awards, including the 2011 ALMA Award for Favorite TV Actress—Leading Role in a Comedy. And don’t forget about the stunning performance of “Skyscraper” at last year’s ALMAs. You can watch it again here:
FOX’s American Idol was chosen as the Favorite TV Competition Show Wednesday night, which includes judge Jennifer Lopez, who has won the ALMA Entertainer of the Year twice.
Keep the conversation going. Share your thoughts about what our ALMA awardees and nominees are up to on our Facebook page.

What’s Your 2012 ALMA Resolution?

Posted January 9, 2012 by Samantha Ferm

Ahhh, New Year’s: a time to reflect on the year before, take a clear look at what’s in front of you, and set specific goals to achieve in the year to come. A fresh start, if you will. So how will you be using that fresh start this year?
As you’re working on your own resolutions, we’d like to know what you would want to see your favorite Latino leaders, entertainers, and performers accomplish this year for our newest ALMA promotion. If you could wish for anything this year for Latinos doing fantastic work in the arts, media, community, and beyond, what would you wish to see? Your favorite ALMA entertainer’s charity doing something heartfelt and meaningful in your community? Or an ALMA artist with an album that’s #1 on the Billboard charts? How would you like to see the world change for the positive in 2012? Let us know! Just fill out your 2012 ALMA Resolution here and be entered to win a fantastic iRiver Google e-reader to keep up with your favorite authors no matter where you are.
So happy New Year! We look forward to hearing your thoughts on how to make 2012 the best year yet. And don’t forget…enter this contest here, and keep an eye out for more exciting prizes to come your way.

Happy 2012!

Posted January 03, 2012 by Jessica Mayorga
Happy New Year and welcome to, your official source for news, promotions, and show details for the 2012 NCLR ALMA Awards®! While our 2012 show promises to deliver another exciting, entertaining, and unparalleled lineup of the nation’s finest Latino talent, this site goes beyond our September broadcast and provides you with a unique perspective on the advancement of Latinos in American media. Most people assume that the ALMA Awards show is named for the Spanish word for “soul,” but ALMA actually stands for American Latino Media Arts. NCLR’s mission, through ALMA, is to raise the bar and promote opportunities for Latinos in entertainment and in the media while also encouraging the development of stories that accurately depict the American Latino experience.
As ALMA grows and evolves, so will this website and our presence on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. You’ll see more about ALMA throughout the year, and not just about the show broadcast. You’ll have opportunities every two weeks to participate in a contest that ties directly into ALMA as a mission and as a show, as well as to the accomplishments of Latinos in entertainment. Every week, we invite you to visit the “Industry News” section of the ALMA site for updates about how past ALMA nominees and recipients are civically engaged and what else is being done throughout the nation to improve the face of Latinos in the media.
Your opinion matters! Contact us regularly through the website, through the ALMA Facebook page, and using the #ALMAawards hashtag on Twitter. We read everything you send us and we encourage your involvement in the mission of ALMA.
Throughout the year, look for new videos, interviews with artists, and behind-the-scenes clips from last year’s ALMA Awards courtesy of our media partners: and AOL Latino. Visit their sites to continue the ALMA conversation.
Become part of the movement. Engage others in the mission of ALMA and tell us what you want to read more about, which ALMA Awards artists you want to get to know better, and what information you need to have an impact on how Latinos are portrayed on the big screen, the small screen, and the radio. Together, we can move mountains in 2012!