Pitbull to host the 2013 American Music Awards!


By Jessica Mayorga


We've been researching this over at the NCLR ALMA Awards headquarters, and based on our findings it appears that this Sunday Pitbull will make history as the first Latino host of the American Music Awards!  He will certainly also be the first Latino to both host and perform on this show.  We congratulate our hermano Pitbull on being selected for this incredible opportunity.


We are also pleased to learn of the tributes to Latino artists on this year’s show, which will be held on the anniversary of Gloria Estefan's first AMA performance.  A number of past ALMA awardees, presenters, and performers will represent our community in this broadcast.  As we celebrate this opportunity for American Latino entertainers on this national platform, we are reminded of how far we've come but how much of a journey we still have ahead.


At the NCLR ALMA Awards, we are proud to continue our mission of promoting accurate, responsible representations of Latinos in American media and entertainment, supporting our actors, musicians, writers, authors, and artists as they take leading roles and claim their success in this nation.  Not only do we value the talent of these great entertainers, but as this year's ALMA broadcast on MSNBC demonstrated, we are also thrilled with how our talent uses their success to open doors and give back to others.


As with the ALMA Awards, we look forward to young Latinos throughout the nation tuning in to Sunday's AMA broadcast to watch Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull, and others.  We hope you will see in their presence endless possibilities for yourselves.  The road ahead requires us to support up-and-coming Latino talent, join the movement that brings Latinos to the forefront in ways that educate the nation about our contributions, and inspire the next generation to soar as they pursue their dreams.


Pitbull, we know you will make us proud on Sunday.  We'll be watching!