Shakira Brings Her Unique Blend of Sweet and Sassy to ‘The Voice’


By: Adriane Lopez


NBC’s singing competition ‘The Voice’ has won over millions of viewers, finishing the May 20-26 week ranking #9 among primetime programs across the network television demographics. Most recently, it hit a year-long high of a whopping 14.4 million viewers.


With the addition of Shakira to the judging panel this season, she brings her unique blend of sweet and sassy to the table. Throughout the competition, she has proven herself to be charismatic, expressive and perceptive. She actively engages with all of the individuals on her team, patiently coaching them.


Shakira’s team consisted of 12 singers from across the country and has been cut down to now one flourishing artist. In regards to eliminating people from her team, Shakira told Today that “…the guilt is overwhelming. Last night, for example, I couldn't sleep very well. I had one of my artists in my mind the whole night because I had to let him go.” This reflects the affection with which Shakira treats her team.


Shakira’s approach to coaching consists primarily of openly and honestly critiquing the competitors, all to allow them to hone their skills. Shakira’s energy and enthusiasm shines through when she talks to her team members, and it makes her an invaluable asset to the judging panel. She has been a true role model for aspiring young Latina singers, and her coaching has undoubtedly helped them to fulfill their dreams.


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